Saturday, March 9, 2013


I was inspired by something I read the other day on the Clickin Mom's Blog. It was written by One July Photographer, Jessica Phillipo. She said,

"Photography is about more than clicking a button and playing in Photoshop. Photography became my solution for bottling emotion and documenting a well-lived life. I picture myself old and gray, looking at a wall of collected images and being able to remember…everything."

(Link to the entire blog post here)

My new inspiration on what I want to shoot the next few months and, well forever, is things that I don't want to ever forget. I guess I just never thought about it that way, dumb as that may sound.

So this photo sucks, it's blurry and gives a glimpse of my horribly messy closet and my unmade bed, but it is something I don't want to forget. The way my husband would always give Ella rides around the house in a laundry basket.

I hope to capture this moment again later when I have more time to get a really great shot but since it's my weekend to work this will have to do for now!

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