Thursday, April 4, 2013


Can I just make a small PSA.  Can we all just agree to turn off word verification on our blogs?  I swear...word verification makes me crazy.   Mostly because I am so bad at it!

I WANT to post comments on your blog.  I follow a lot of blogs (365 blogs and others) and when I want to comment and have to try to type in the right word/number combo about a hundred times to post a comment to your blog it makes me not want to comment anymore, on anyone's blog!

So yesterday, after trying to comment on a few blogs, I went into my own settings and GASP...I had word verification for comments turned on in my OWN blog.  Argh!  I'm so sorry.  I swear I didn't know.  I'm hoping maybe you don't know either.  I immediately turned it off so I don't have it anymore.  Comment away...LOL!    If spam becomes a major problem I reserve the right to revisit this!

Ok, on with the photos!

We went to the zoo today.  My favorite shots were from the Butterfly House!

My first attempt at a reflection shot.  Not the best, but I still like it!

I would love this shot so much more if there wasn't a line of kiddos and parents behind her!  

With this view I eliminated the line-up in the background but she decided it was a good time to start pulling up her!    And of course I chopped her foot.  Oiy!


  1. I hate it too! So glad yours is off! Love the bright colorful pics!

  2. Very cute!! And I agree about the word verification. I'll have to check my blog settings too!