Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One hundred twenty-eight

My husband (and eventually I) have lived in our home since 1999 which underwent a MAJOR transformation in 2005.  These tulips were planted by the previous owner and still come up every spring!  

So I'm basically missing eight days of pictures.  I am going to try and grab extra shots here and there for the next eight days!  I know it's technically cheating but this is my project and I am definitely a rule breaker type of!   Maybe this will get me back on track and if so, I wont allow myself to get that behind again.

I really had 100% decided to give up (which is why I missed so many days) but my husband actually thinks this project 365 is a really cool thing I'm doing and wanted me to try and catch up.  This actually could be a really amazing year for us (more details to come later) so I think it is worth the effort to try and keep it going!

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